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We connect you with great franchise opportunities in your area

We connect you with great franchise opportunities in your area

We screen and list dozens of great franchise concepts to better help you learn more about great opportunities in your area. Local and nationwide franchise brands trust FranFlight everyday to connect them with potential franchisees.

There’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up, then not being able to find what you want. We will always make sure you only receive information from franchises you might be interested in.

Step 1

On the first step, you describe what kind of franchise you're looking for, in what area and what's your budget.

Step 2

We will screen your request and match you with the best opportunities available in your area, based on the information provided

Step 3

You will then receive great opportunities via email or phone. Your information is only shared with a selected number of franchises (up to 5) and you are not obligated or committed in any way.

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We have a great franchise opportunity for every location, budget and industry. Find dozens of franchises anywhere in the US. Browse through our list of featured and qualified opportunities and find what you're looking for.